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After SRK and Hrithik, Devgn in Big B film remake

The trend in Bollywood seems to be to remake the yesteryear blockbusters of amitabh bachchan.

Priyamani’s Bet on Jan 1

Priyamani’s movie Bet will be released on 1 January, 2011. Bet is a dubbed version of Arumugam released in 2009.

Rajinikanth’s next film Basha 2

Now that Shankar’s Robo is finished, Rajinikanth is reported to have agreed to act in

Nuvvekkadunte Nenakkadunta nearing completion

The film Nuvvekkadunte Nenakkadunta with Uday Kiran and Swetha Basu in the lead roles

Suresh Krishna to direct Dasari in Maistry

The director Suresh Krishna had been a very popular director of South India with films like Basha with Rajinikanth, Indrudu-Chandrudu