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Baazigar Songs Audio – mp3 Songs, Baazigar movie songs

Look up and find bespectacled Bollywood stars on screen

Call them farsighted, but many Bollywood actors are putting on glasses

‘Khichdi – The Movie’ cast wants good luck from SRK

‘Khichdi – The Movie’ cast wants good luck from SRK

Aditya Chopra wants SRK as villain in Dhoom 3

Shah Rukh Khan is a great friend of Aditya Chopra who is said to be

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, called by his innumerable fans as the Bollywood Badsha, celebrates his 43rd

Akshay Kumar plays villain in “Blue”

Bollywood actor who played hero in most of his 100 odd films is now playing

Rajasekhar’s Naa Style eh Veru

Desperately needing a hit at the box office, Rajasekhar, the erstwhile angry young man of Telugu screen, is now old