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Ravi Babu’s ‘Avunu 2’ Trailer is Very Interesting

Despite being directing some flop films Ravi Babu has directed some good films like ‘Anasuya’ and ‘Avunu’

‘Maaya’ is Lucky for Harshvardhan

‘maaya’ Is Lucky For Harshvardhan ,Actor Harshvardhan Rane has joined hands with director Ravi Babu for the second time for Telugu horror-thriller

‘Avunu’ Sequel Soon

‘Avunu’ Sequel Soon, Ravi Babu’s low budget flick ‘Avunu’ did a great work at the box office and was heard loud in the industry.

Ravi Babu’s Heroine Hunt for Avunu Remake

Ravi Babu’s Avunu starring Harshavardhan Rane and Poorna turned out to be low budget sensation

Avunu Movie Review

The Film Avunu is a paranormal activity horror-thriller with the theme of monophobic hallucinations and spiritual haunts

Avunu Telugu Movie

Avunu Telugu Movie

Ravi Babu’s Thriller Avunu Releasing Tomorrow

Offbeat filmmaker Ravi Babu is coming out with another thriller titled Avunu which is releasing

4 Telugu Films Releasing On September 21

The Vinayaka Chavithi festival week has 4 Telugu films releasing on September. Ravi Babu’s Avunu,

Avunu Movie Trailers

Avunu Movie Trailers

Ravi Babu’s Avunu Based On Yami’s True Story

Maverick director Ravi Babu is now making a thriller titled Avunu which is said to

Avunu Movie Poster Designs

Avunu Movie Poster Designs