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James Cameron’s Avatar 2 To Arrive In 2015

20th Century Fox wanted to release Avatar 2 in 2014, but James Cameron says the

James Cameron returns from deep ocean dive

James Cameron, maker of films Titanic and Avatar, became the first person to make a

James Cameron Diving To The Lowest Point On Earth

Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron, who made the films Titanic and Avatar, set out from

James Cameron to dive into Mariana Trench

Oscar winning filmmaker James Cameron, who is known for Titanic and Avatar, is now planning

Avatar: Most pirated film in Hollywood history

According to a study released by Torrent Freak, James Cameron’s 3-D blockbuster Avatar is the

Sharwanand makes mark in Kollywood!

Telugu actor Sharwanand is amazed with the tremendous response that his recent Tamil movie ‘Engeyum

Cameron’s Avatar most pirated movie of 2010

Academy Award winning director James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic Avatar has been named

Cameron offers 3D tech to Indian filmmakers

James Cameron has developed a unique special 3D technology and the digital 3D Fusion

Avatar director James Cameron’s next Cleopatra

James Cameron, the creator of Avataar, has confirmed, according to a report in the

‘Titanic’ actress Gloria Stuart dies age 100

Gloria Stuart, the Oscar-nominated actress who revived a long-dormant

Cameron voted ‘most powerful man’ in film world

“Avatar” director James Cameron has been named the most powerful man

James Cameron won’t revisit ‘Avatar’

Filmmaker James Cameron has said that he will not revisit “Avatar”

Fashion is an art form: Zoe Saldana

“Avatar” actress Zoe Saldana says she believes fashion is an “art form” and

James Cameron to make 3D movie on Amazon tribes

Filmmaker James Cameron is planning to make a 3D movie highlighting the

‘Avatar’ (3D) – The miracle film is back in a new avatar

Some films are born with a destiny and an innate sense of timing. How