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Cartoonist Kambalapally Chandra Shekar Selected For International Cartoonists Tour

TweetShare Senior cartoonist from Hyderabad, Kambalapally Chandra Shekar, political cartoonist with Telugu Daily Andhra Jyothi,

AP Governor ND Tiwari resigns

Narayan Datt Tiwari Governor of Andhra Pradesh submitted his resignation to the President Pratibha

Chiru blast Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi

The Praja Rajyam party founder president Chiranjeevi is livid at the reports

The days of the common folks is over

It seems the days of common people are over. For

The future leaders of AP

It looks like that we in Andhra Pradesh are in for son-strokes: Lokesh Naidu, YS Jagan mohan reddy, K.Taraka

The other side of Telugu Newspapers

Media is a channel of information flow for citizens and a window for the public to look at the world

K Chandrasekhar Best Cartoonist for 2006

The Press Academy of Andhra Pradesh has announced the awards for journalists for the years 2004, 05, 06 and 07.

No body wants to know the truth

For the last four days the entire media and all political parties have been engaged in blame games

Youth Congress has no business to protest

What right the Youth Congress has got to organize dharna and burn the copies of the Andhra Jyothi newspaper, when

Biased reporting by Andhra Jyothi

Unable to dent the image of YSR through its half-truth reporting, Andhra Jyothi has started to damage the image of

Telugu people need a news paper

Both ENADU and ANDHRA JYOTHI (nicknamed as ‘AA RENDU PATRHIKALU’ by Congress and a few sections of the public) now

Chandrababu to have his own Channel

With two of TDP’ stanch backers in the media industry sending smoking signals about their future intentions to go with

Bad time for NTR betrayers

Ramoji, Chandrababu Naidu and Andhra jyothi M.D Radha Krishna played key role in bloodless coup that saw NTR out of

Pawan kalyan tête-à-tête with former naxalite sympathisers

It is reliably learnt Chiranjevi’s brother Pawan Kalyan has been meeting some naxalite sympathizers to eliciting their

Proxy war between YSR and Telugu desam media twins

The YSR versus Ramoji-Radha Krishna ding –dong battle turning murkier and murkier with each passing day. In the