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Unfair cricket fans

Unfair cricket fans

This is ridiculous. We go crazy when Indian cricket team wins but when they lose or on the verge of losing we become restless and curse the team and like to throw them into ocean.

Is it sportsmanship to behave like childish when the team is not performing? Look at some of the tweets on India Vs England.

RahulBose1 Rahul Bose dangerous bowling, aggressive batting, super fielding by england. their prep’s been incredible. No 1? Roflindian Rofl Indian Let England celebrate the Jeet today. We’ll celebrate Teej tomorrow.

Step 1: Apply Vaseline liberally. Step 2: Bend over. #IndianGameplan
VaughanCricket Michael Vaughan What has happened to the Indian side?? England too good ?? What do you all reckon? I think England are a better side in all areas….

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