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Police seize Shoaib Malik’s passport

Police seize Shoaib Malik’s passport

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s passport was seized by the police based on a complaint given by Ayesha Siddique. However, Malik said he will not leave India till he clears his name and that he was being emotionally blackmailed by Ayesha who claims to have married him. He said she must first prove the marriage in a court of law but maintained that the ‘nikahnama’ was invalid. He added that the matter was best left to the courts. Meanwhile, the ‘nikahnama’ was sent to the forensic laboratory for verification and authentication.

Appearing before the media Today evening along with Sania Mirza, whom he is going to marry on April 15, Shoaib said he has done nothing wrong and questioned why Ayesha did not appear in public to make her allegations.

Shoaib was questioned at Sania’s house this morning by a team of police officials who took his passport and alerted immigration authorities after asking him not to leave India.

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