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Pak cricketer Asif in drug scandal

Pak cricketer Asif in drug scandal One more drug scandal has hit Pakistani cricket, with leading fast bowler Mohammad Asif being detained at Dubai for allegedly possessing contraband drugs while on his way home from Mumbai after participating in the Indian Premier League. The 25-year-old pacer, intercepted on his arrival from Mumbai on Sunday, has been under detention since then at Dubai airport.
Asif, who played for the Delhi Daredevils in the IPL, is said to have claimed innocence, telling a Pakistani TV channel that he had been framed. Asif reportedly said he was a bit drunk and got into an argument with airport officials, that led to a brawl and he slapped one of them. According to him, the authorities found a small quantity of shilajit, an ayurvedic medicine for boosting strength, in his wallet and charged him with possession of opium.
It was still not known for sure what illegal drug Asif was carrying in his baggage, but speculation is rife that it was opium or hashish. The UAE has one of the most stringent drugs codes in the world, where possession of even minute amounts of banned substances can lead to a minimum imprisonment of four years.

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