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Now Temples for Sachin and Dhoni

Now Temples for Sachin and Dhoni

India has temples for each and every diety and there are thousands of gods and dietues and devatas. Different religions have different temples and holy places. Tamilnadu has temples for film actors – Rajinikanth, Jayalalitha and others..

Now, Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari says he will construct a temple for the ‘God of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar and Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni at his native village Atarwalia in Bihar’s Kaimur district. He says that he has identified the site for the construction of the temple, which will be built at a cost of Rs 3 crore.

Tiwari says that he is building a temple for the two cricketers as they have ‘provided entertainment and pleasure to cricket lovers akin to that one gets from God’. The temple will have statues of the master blaster and the national cricket captain, besides oil paintings of the members of 2011 World Cup winning squad.

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