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Match-fixing haunts Wimbledon Tennis

Match-fixing haunts Wimbledon Tennis According to a report, eight Wimbledon matches, four of which happen to be men’s singles games from last year, are suspected to have been fixed by professional betting syndicates. 18 players competing in this year’s Wimbledon are suspected to have thrown their matches for money at The All England Club on previous occasions. Most of the players are Russians, Spaniards, Argentines, Italians and Austrians.

The matches are named in a dossier compiled by leading bookmaking companies, which keep track of suspect betting patterns. The dossier says five of the losing players from the suspected eight Wimbledon games are in this year’s men’s singles competition, which begins tomorrow.
The dossier has based its findings on the sudden change in the betting patterns for the suspect matches. The report comes as a further blow to the sport’s credibility which is battling corruption charges in tournaments of the stature of Davis Cup.

The dossier states that betting network is being run by Russian and eastern European gamblers.

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