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Dravid Equals Gavaskar, Says Don’t Compare

Dravid Equals Gavaskar, Says Don't Compare

A consistent Rahul Dravid equals Sunil Gavaskar’s 34 Test tons. “That’s consistency,” uttered batting legend Sunil Gavaskar as he watched Rahul Dravid work his way to his 34th at Trent Bridge on Saturday. Dravid’s third hundred in five Tests impressed Gavaskar in no small measure and when the Bangalorean was on 99, he left the cafeteria to watch him getting to his landmark century from the nearest window.

Dravid might have equalled Sunil Gavaskar’s tally but he does not want to be compared to his legendary compatriot. “I wouldn’t like to compare myself with Mr Gavaskar who is a legend of the game. I grew up as a kid trying to be either Mr Gavaskar or Vishwanath in my backyard. To now equal something he has done is fantastic,” said the 38-year-old.

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