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BCCI may sack Dhoni as skipper

BCCI may sack Dhoni as skipper

Mahendra Singh Dhoni who has been hailed as the ‘Captain Cool’ has led India to the inaugural T20 World Cup title and the No 1 ranking in Tests. But the recent debacle in the World T20 Championship, where Team India could not find a berth in the Semi-finals and the public comment of MS Dhoni that BCCI held IPL parties and functions have made the players weary and tired has made the BCCI bosses squirm in their own sweat. Now, there are press leaks that the BCCI bosses want to take revenge on Dhoni by sacking him as the captain of T20 and ODI teams. He may be retained as skipper of the test team.

According to knowledgeable sources, Sachin Tendulkar is said to be against changing MS Dhoni as the captain of T20 and ODI teams. There are also wide spread speculation that Virendra Shehwag may replace Dhoni as the skipper.

In fact, some insiders say that the change of guard is aimed at achieving two objectives — one, signalling the BCCI’s deep displeasure with Dhoni for speaking “out of turn”, and two, deflecting attention from the BCCI which can’t be absolved of blame for its failure to prepare the team.

It is possible that India will have a new captain as early as next month when the selectors name the squad for Asia Cup in Sri Lanka. While Sehwag seems the front-runner for the top job, Dhoni will continue to lead the team in Tests, where India is No 1 in ICC rankings. There is apparently a section within the BCCI, which wants Dhoni to be retained even as ODI and T20 skipper due to his track-record, but the selectors seem to be ready to seek a change of guard.

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