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Story Board WORKSHOP in Hyderabad

Story Board Workshop

Story Board Workshop in Hyderabad

This workshop is chiefly to bring awareness about the importance of storyboard by teaching everyone the artĀ of making it. It is necessary that the thoughts and script of the director is initially shown as a visual before the production starts. This helps them especially in storytelling and also in the correct interpretation. Any kind of ambiguity can be avoided as the complete film would be on the board first and its lot easier to bring it on the sets later.


Fee : 1000/-

Starts from 8th Dec 2011 ends on 17th Dec 2011

Batches : Morning 7am To 9am

This workshop is exclusively for aspiring film makers

For Previous Batches Results Go Through This Link


Please book your seats in advance and associate with this workshop
Thanks in anticipation.

Duration:It will be a 20 hour workshop of two hours per day . Starts from 8th Dec 2011 ends on 17th Dec 2011.

CONTACT: 9866458233
Email: storyboardworks@gmail.com

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