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First Crowdfunding Film Project in Telugu taking shape

Crowd funding or Community funding or Social Capital has become a very popular source of financing Independent films worldwide. Crowd funding focuses at the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together to complete a film or a creative project. The concept is still naïve in India though the recent National award winning movie, ‘IAM’ was made by Onir via the crowd funding route.

For the first time in Telugu Film Industry a film is being made in crowd funding route. Popular actors and technicians would going to be take part of the first ever initiative in South India.
The project is an initiative of Mr. Dakshin Srinivas (Murthy). Mr. Dakshin Srinivas has a vast experience of 15 years in Film Industry, worked in prestigious production houses as script writer, chief associate, co-director, casting director and copy writer for more than 50 films, commercials and documentaries in various Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Oriya and mostly telugu. Later on he directed his first venture ‘Aa Okkadu’ starring Ajay, Suresh Gopi, Madhurima and was produced by Tolly 2 Holly films.

The makers are looking at raising funds thru social networking from common public to make a film in a collaborative way. It will give an opportunity for film enthusiasts to take part in film production and be part of film industry at a very low investment. Film makers would ensure to return the capital of all investors before the release and of course share the profits once the film is released depending on the revenue they get after release. The makers are also raising the funds thru crowd funding websites like crowdmecca.com, indeegogo.com, and have also submitted a project report to venture capitalists like Dar Media and Cinema Capital.

The script was also sent for an approval with various international film funds like Hubert balls fund (Rotterdam), Asian cinema fund (Busan) and Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival, Malaysia to raise funds for Script Development fund, Post Production fund and for an entry to the film festivals for screening and competition sections.

The entire project would be managed with transparency and all the expenses would be audited time to time to ensure that the funds are utilized in a judiciously proper manner. The interested can get in touch with the film makers and be part of this prestigious, Innovative and revolutionary attempt in Film making.


Mr. Dakshin Srinivas, film director, can be contacted at +91-9000111561

Mr. Brahma Mahesh, Project coordinator, can be contacted at +91-9035188450

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