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Dallas Area Telangana Association celebrate (DATA) 63nd Telangana Liberation Day

Dallas Area Telangana Association celebrate (DATA) 63nd Telangana Liberation Day

Dallas Area Telangana Association celebrated Telangana Liberation on Sept 16th night at the Ruchi Palace Indian Restaurant in Dallas/Ft worth Metroplex. More than 250 Telugu NRIs attended the event to mark the occasion of Sept 17th, 1948 when Telangana was liberated from Nizam rule and merged in to Indian union. The program started with paying tribute to all those who sacrificed their life’s for the cause of Telangana followed by Indian national anthem ‘Vandemataram’ and Telangana song ‘Jaya Jayaye Telangana’. After warm welcome note by Anil Boddu, Suresh Gottimukkala explained the purpose of DATA and its objectives to the participants. Acting as a MC for the event, Mander Ganapuram explained the purpose and agenda for the event.

Prof.Kodandaram speaking on the occasion via teleconference explained in detail about independence struggle in Telangana movement against Nizam’s Rule. He emphasized the need for remembering all those who sacrificed their life for Telangana movement. He also said people from Telangana had to wait thirteen months after Aug 15, 1947 to hoist Indian flag. Sridhar Devulapally talked about atrocities committed in Nizam rule and how Telangana people suffered during that time. Sri Vinay Bhasker, Warangal MLA shared his experiences in Telangana movement through teleconference and requested every Telangana NRI to come forward in helping in development of Telangana region by whatever means they can.

Participants were also entertained by brilliant entertainment performances by children of all ages. Shreya Thippana, Megha Ghanapuram, Pragnya Bhramadevara and Sriya Vaskarla thrilled the audiences with Telangana folk dances. The program ended with vote of thanks by Sudhir Reddy Guda thanking all the speakers, participants, and volunteers for making the event a grand success. He also thanked performers for a wonderful cultural programs and Ruchi Palace for providing authentic Telangana food. Other organizers for the event include Ram Kasarla, Raghuveer Reddy, Rajesh Pillalamarri, Srinivas Thippana, Bhanu Chowdary, Venkat Seri, Mohan Padigela, Mahesh Mereddy, and many others.

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