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Will BJP support UPA on Indo-US N-Deal?

Will BJP support UPA on Indo-US N-Deal? There are strong indications that the Bharatiya Janata Party could possibly come to the rescue of UPA in the event of a no-trust move over the Indo-US N-Deal.

The Shiv Sena has already come out in support of the nuclear deal, by calling the Communists red monkeys, while senior BJP leaders, openly attacking the deal earlier, appear to have changed their stand, but still refuse to disclose their options right now.

According to a reliable source a powerful pro-Congress industrial house is said to be behind Bal Thackeray’s sudden support for the Congress stand. This group does not want the Congress to fall over the nuclear deal as it does not know what can be in store for its multi-billion dollar business if another government comes in. This business house has always had a good equation with Thackeray who has helped them out in times of need.

While BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu refused to reveal the party’s strategy on the floor of the House during the forthcoming Monsoon Session, sources disclosed that the BJP was weighing the options before taking a final call.

It appears to be certain that the BJP will not move a no-trust motion against the government on its own. However, if a no-trust motion is moved either by the Left or any other outfit, the BJP would look at two options: either vote against or stage a walk-out and bring down the strength of the House.

This particular move could send a signal to the US that BJP was not taking steps to thwart the deal.

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