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Who is number two in Telugu desam now?

Who is number two in Telugu desam now?With exit of Devender goud from Telugu desam number two positions is vacant. Who will fill it? It is a million dollar question. Though Chandrababu has never told Devender Goud is number two in the party the media conferred number two on him for various reasons.

Now Chandra babu and his family members’ taking enough care that number two is not accorded to any one and hereafter wards Hari Krishna will regularly come to party office and interact with party members either directly or in tele-conversation. And if any important decisions are be announced Naidu will personally carry out that job.

These are the preliminary steps they are taking to avoid future embarrassment whenever a leader leaves the party and many more of such kind of steps will follow once Naidu is back to party office from his MEE KOSAM.

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