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What Muslims Say On Telangana?

What Muslims Say On Telangana?

What are Telangana Muslims thinking about the statehood issue?

The MIM party, that has seven MLAs and two MLCs, says it opposes to the division of the state and at the same it averred that it would not accept Telangana without Hyderabad as its capital.

On flip side, the Muslims of the newer parts of Hyderabad as well as of the districts are largely in support of the creation of Telangana.Though the Muslims of Telangana, like all other castes and communities of Andhra Pradesh are a divided lot on the issue, the decision of MIM party not to resign has given a fillip to this view within the Congress central leadership. However, deliberations among the Muslims erupted following the resignations of MPs, MLAs and MLCs from other parties.

The Union Health Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is also Congress Party incharge of Andhra Pradesh affairs is reported to have told party MPs, MLAs and ministers who handed over their resignations that no demand on separate Telangana state is possible without consulting about 35 per cent Muslim population of Hyderabad.

The Telangana Muslims, in an attempt to come up with a unified stand on the bifurcation of the state, have started discussing the contentious issue even in mosques, where they gather five times a day to say their prayers.

The T-Muslims are meeting sometimes after the Asar (later afternoon) prayer to find out whether the creation of a Telangana state would bring them any benefits or miseries. The community members ranging from local leaders of different political parties, government employees, religious heads and youth seem to have broken all kinds of barriers for the first time to join in group discussions in mosques. The management committees of the mosques, realizing the importance of the issue, are allowing the people to hold meetings.

Let us wait for their unanimous announcement..!

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