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What Chiru did in 2009 Jagan will replicate in 2014 for Naidu?

What Chiru did in 2009 Jagan will replicate in 2014 for Naidu?

Farmers in Andhra Pradesh wish Chandrababu Naidu to remain in opposition forever. Why? Simple, everyone knows how Chandrababu Naidu treated agriculture during his nine year tenure. People also know Naidu’s new found love for farmers when he had to sit in opposition.

For 2009 debacle of his party Chandrababu Naidu blamed Praja Rajyam Party’s Chiranjeevi for splitting ant-government votes.

In 2014 Naidu may face new spoiler in the form of YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Jagan’s announcement of 48 hour fast prompted Naidu to go on indefinite fast.

Farmers will not forget Naidu’s opposition to free power. Naidu was against for compensation for farmers committing suicide.

When in power, Naidu knew only power point presentations and how technology brings changes in life. Once he lost power, he wanted to fight for farmers. He wants more for farmers. For the sake of farmers he can sacrifice his life too!

Former chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy used to say that Naidu had failed as opposition leader. Now, Naidu is on the mission to come with flying colours as opposition leader.

In his nine year ruling almost seven years farmers suffered due to insufficient rains. Then Naidu did not bother about farming. But Naidu cannot tolerate government’s indifference even for one year.

Hitech Naidu turning savour of farmers is surprising many observers.

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