Week Long Telangana Formation Day Celebrations Across the State Begin

Telangana Formation Day

June 2’ has been a memorable day to all citizens of Telangana, as on this day, the cause for a separate state could finally be realized. On the first formation day celebrations of Telangana formation day, the Chief Minister Mr. K.Chandrasekhar Rao unfurled the national flag at Parade grounds after paying tributes to the Martyr’s memorial at Gun Park. The colorful celebrations at Parade grounds were full of the heritage and culture of Telangana, along with bright Tableaux’s representing each district.

The celebrations were also seen in the TRS headquarters, apart from the official celebrations in the legislative council and assembly apart from other locations. The entire state was in a celebratory mood since past midnight, with sound of crackers and celebrations loud across localities.

The week long celebrations would see daily cultural programs, along with special 3-D illuminations at select locations in Hyderabad. A special and never before Telangana food festival, an inter-sate golf championship, along with special film screenings, folk art etc would be seen across the state as a part of the celebrations.

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