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VHR Condemns Booking of Cases Against Him

VHR Condemns Booking of Cases Against Him

Hyderabad, August 19 (INN): Congress MP V Hanumantha Rao on Monday condemned the registration of cases against him under non-bailable sections for his alleged provocative remarks.

Talking to reporters here, VHR denied all the charges and said the cases were aimed at tarnishing his image before the Antony Committee. He said by registering the cases, the Seemandhra leaders were trying to convey the message that Telangana leaders were provoking the sentiments of people of other regions.

VHR said that he made the remarks while replying to the questions asked by media personnel. He said the police should procure original tapes of his press conferences and also book cases against the media organisations for broadcasting or publishing the same, if his remarks were provocative in nature. He expressed wonder as to how the police ignored the statement of YSR Congress party leader Sharmila who compared Hyderabad with Pakistan. He said while Sharmila was let go scot free, police registered the cases immediately after receiving the complaints.

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