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US Study: Film Piracy is connected to Terrorism

US think tank, The Rand Corp, has found links between film piracy and terrorists who depend on profits from film piracy to support terrorist activities.

The Rand Corp. said in a report of its study that while crime syndicates have added piracy to criminal portfolios that include drugs, money laundering, extortion and human smuggling, the profits from film piracy have also been used on occasion to support the activities of terrorist groups.

Rand researchers cited specific cases in which film piracy supported terror groups and warn that such connections could grow in the future.

In the first case, the Irish Republican Army used many criminal activities, including film piracy, to support its efforts to drive the British from Northern Ireland.

The second case involves the D-Company, which is, according to Rand, an organized crime group active for generations in India. Since the 1980s, it has been a major syndicate involved with film piracy in India.

The group carried out the “Black Friday” bombings in Mumbai in 1993, killing more than 257 people and injuring hundreds more. It continues to advance a political agenda with its actions funded at least partly by the proceeds of crime.

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