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US ready to push through nuclear deal

US ready to push through nuclear dealThe UPA-Left committee will meet on Monday to discuss whether the government should go ahead with signing of the safeguards agreement with IAEA, a step required to operationalise the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, Washington has said it would make every effort to get the pact through Congress by January 20 next year when the new President assumes office.

“From now until January 20th, we’ll continue to work to support this agreement. We’ll continue to encourage the Indian government to approve it.

And if in such time it is approved, we will make every effort to move it through Congress. … fundamentally, we think the India civil nuclear agreement is something that’s in the interest of both countries. The obstacle has been that the Indian government has some internal political issues it needs to resolve before it can move forward with it,” the State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said.

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