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UPA is ahead of NDA in TV exit polls

UPA is ahead of NDA in TV exit polls

UPA is ahead of NDA in TV exit polls

The Congress-led UPA appears to be ahead of the NDA in the exit poll projections of the TV channels for the 15th Lok Sabha elections. However, almost all polls predict a hung house.

The results of the surveys, shown by the channels at the end of the fifth and final phase of polling in the month-long exercise on Wednesday, have placed the BJP-led NDA not very far behind the UPA and the Third Front at a little over 100 seats.

CNN-IBN gave UPA 185-205 seats while the BJP-led NDA has been projected to secure 165 to 185 seats. The Third Front has been given 110 to 130 seats and the Fourth Front between 25 and 35 seats. ‘Others’ are likely to get 20 to 30 seats.

Headlines Today channel gave Congress and its allies 191 seats against 180 to BJP and its allies. The Left parties, which played a crucial role in the outgoing Lok Sabha with 60 seats, has been projected to get 38 while ‘Others’ including the BSP are set to get 134 in a House of 545.

In its projections, India TV channel said UPA would get between 195 seats and it could go up to 227 if 32 seats of RJD, LJP and SP are added. The channel has given NDA 189 and the Third Front 113. ‘Others’ are projected to get 14 seats.

Exit polls had been totally off the mark in 2004 Lok Sabha polls, with most of them projecting BJP-led NDA as the winner which did not turn out to be correct.

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