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Union Government and Team Anna at loggerheads

Union Government and Team Anna at loggerheads

Negotiations between the Union government and Team Anna on the Lokpal Bill have hit a logjam on Wednesday.

Pranab Mukherjee rejected Team Anna’s demand that the Lokpal bill be passed within the next four days after extending the current session of Parliament, bypassing scrutiny by the Standing Committee.

He said that requisite consideration would be given to the Jan Lokpal Bill in the final Bill after following the parliamentary process of vetting by the Standing Committee. Pranab has also clarified that Parliament was ready to consider the Jan Lokpal Bill along with other versions of the anti-graft bill like the one prepared by Aruna Roy’s MCPRI.

Team Anna said there was a complete change in the attitude of the government . and Anna Hazare would continue his fast until the government agreed to enact a law creating a strong and effective Lokpal during the current session of Parliament.

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