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Undvalli Changing Tunes, YSRCP

Undvalli Changing Tunes, YSRCP

Hyderabad, July 11 (INN): Coming down heavily on Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar for his baseless allegations and double speak on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, YSR Congress has said that he has been parroting the tutored script and has been changing colours and tunes to suit the occasion.

“Contradicting his earlier statement that Jagan has no illegal assets, he went on to say at his Rajahmundry meeting that Jagan is the richest MP which shows his double speak and the level to which he can stoop,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters hereon Thursday.

While admitting that YSR has given him a lift, Arun Kumar has targeted YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in speech and devoted more time on YSRCP as he is scared of the party and is jealous of Jagan. The so called annual report which he presented at the meeting is full of allegations against YSR family members while he did not have any time to criticise TDP or the Margadarsi.

Arun Kumar had become popular only with the Margadarsi case and he had no time to criticise the owner or the chit fund company nor the main opposition TDP. Was there a compromise with the Margadarsi management as he did not utter a single word against the company, he said.

His statement that YSR death was linked to Sonia Gandhi is incorrect. He had shown a slew of clippings during his speech and it would have been better if he had shown the clipping of who had said that Sonia Gandhi was responsible for YSR death.

“At no point of time did we say that. We only expressed our apprehension and doubts that there could be a conspiracy angle to the air crash in which YSR died. His speech is a bundle of lies and we would not have taken it seriously if someone else had leveled such allegations.

Arun Kumar himself confessed on various occasions that YSR was his mentor and if he takes the occasion of presenting the annual report to target YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, he certainly lacks morals.

If he chooses that platform to assess the assets, he should have also said about Robert Vadera and others. But that was not the case. He was only reading out from the script prepared elsewhere and is part of the game to defame YSR family members and level allegations against Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The periodic onslaught on YSR family whenever elections or court hearings are due, has become a pattern by now, he said.

His canards against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would cut no ice with the people who are determined to spell their mandate in the elections and the mischief of Undavalli is understood well by the people of his own constituency who will speak out in the next parliament elections, he said.

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