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TV9 Should Be Banned

TV9 Should Be Banned

Annoyed with what they claim as “anti-Telangana propaganda” of Telugu news channel TV9, the Telangana MSOs have appealed to ban TV9 news channel in Telangana region. Telangana Multiple System Operators Association president Kuldeep Sahani has issued a statement to cable operators to this effect. The MSOs felt the ban on TV9 should serve as a wake up call for all other channels that have been telecasting anti-Telangana content.

TV9 often has faced ire of Telangana activists on several occasions for telecasting anti-Telangana news. Last week, TV9 has tried to blow up the AP Bhavan incident, that looks as if to malign Telangana leadership. Even though TV9 has an OB van stationed in New Delhi, the channel did not bother to cover Yadi Reddy’s suicide in the national capital. But, the same channel went into over drive as soon as Harish Rao expressed his anger on a Seemandhra officer at AP Bhavan, they censured.

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