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The moral police of the underprivileged

The moral police of the underprivilegedManda Krishna madiga can be called as ‘’man of the month ’’ in Andhra Pradesh.

He successfully subjugated the mighty media tactfully using his social status as weapon. Not satisfying with that now he is, it seems, targeting another big player in the social life ‘’Telugu cinema’’.

The first victim of this new found moral police is ‘’KANTRI’’. As Jr.NTR, the hero of the film, is associated with a political party the makers of the movie immideetly removed the ‘’hurting scenes’’. On behalf of the physically challenged now he is demanding censoring of another latest release ‘’GORINTAKU’’.

The film industry is now worried over his pro-active censoring role as his tantrums are not going end in the near future or confine to a few films.

It is even heard that the government has decided to depute two members from dalith communities to study the movies from their perspective.

A joke that is making rounds in film nagar is ‘’the day when MRPS leader’ certificate in the style of censor certificate is must to show a film in theaters is not far’’.

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