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The Great Mass Bunk Of Ministers

The Great Mass Bunk Of Ministers

While attendance call in our school days, when anyone misses out in classroom, any other student who is present there used to speak for him saying ‘Absent sir’. If similar practice applies to state secretariat, only a single person needs to utter every ‘Absent sir’. The reason is one and only one minister attended the office of ministers and the rest of his 40 colleagues bunked the duties. Surprisingly, the unique person present at work is none other than the Chief Minister.
The Secretariat wore deserted look with only a handful seeking entry. Of course, a couple of steadfast ministers like Danam Nagender (Labour & Employment), Dr. D L Ravindra Reddy (Health), Damodar Raja Narasimha (Agriculture, and also Deputy CM) hop in periodically to make their presence felt, probably to placate their boss. This way, the entire burden of carrying the administration, or at least feigning brisk working at the state headquarters, is being shouldered by Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

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