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Telugu Desam still beset with Telangana issue

Telugu Desam still beset with Telangana issue The controversy over the separate Telangana issue is still embarrassing the Telugu Desam leadership. While the TD leaders from Telangana and Andhra kept the T-issue alive, Rayalaseema leaders have now joined the fray.

Senior legislator and the TD leader S.V. Subba Reddy, belonging to the Kurnool district of Rayalaseema region made critical comments on Telangana supporters in the party. He lambasted pro-Telangana leaders in the party for their open statements in support of separate statehood and suggested that the TD president Chandrababu Naidu act tough against them.

“Those who want a separate Telangana should leave Telugu Desam and join Devender Goud,” Subba Reddy said, referring to Telangana leaders E. Dayakar Rao and Kadium Srihari.

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