Telangana Vaastu

Telangana Vaastu

The latest buzz in political circles is that Srikrishna report on Telangana is not categorical yes or no. The D-day comes within three days. TRS and BJP decided to boycott the meeting convened by Home Minister Chidambaram.

There are several arguments for and against creation of Telangana state. Justice BN Srikrishna is an avowed Vaastu believer.

At the time of signing the report before submitting to Home Minister, he put forth a request that he would sign as per Vaastu.

Srikrishna suggested that the chairs and tables be arranged in a manner that they should face east while signing the report.

Now, with K Chandrasekhar Rao turning tables on the Centre by rejecting the offer to attend the all party meeting, we can only pray that Srikrishna’s Vaastu belief will come to the rescue of the Centre which is playing on the sensitive issue rather insensitive manner.

Chandrababu Naidu’s two-eyes are looking in opposite ways giving more troubles to TDP chief whose infamous indefinite fast was a futile exercise.

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