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Telangana report: No Yes or No only For, Against

Telangana report: No Yes or No only For, Against

Srikrishna Committee will be submitting its report to the Centre today. The report on Telangana will throw the ball into the Centre’s court once again.

The report running into approximately 800 pages reportedly avoided making a specific recommendation either for or against Telangana sate.

The report only discusses the pros and cons of Telangana state and gives options to the Centre. Praja Rajyam Party, CPM demand unified Andhra. Telugu Desam Party with Chandrababu Naidu’s two-eye theory is not clear on the issue. Naidu is playing hide and seek game. YS Jaganmohan Reddy most likely support Telangana state hood. Congress party in the state is vertically divided on the issue.

TRS, CPI and BJP endorsed the demand of Telangana. The centre may bring demands of other regions like Gorkhaland, Bundelkhand, Harit Pradesh into picture to delay the demand of Telangana state. TRS leader K Chandrasekhar Rao sensing the Congress government’s intention asked cadre to prepare for mid-term polls both at the Centre and in the state.

T- for Telangana, also T- for Tension, Trouble, Turmoil. Will Sonia Gandhi surprise Telangana people with carving of separate state or once again betray?

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