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Telangana MPs threaten to commit suicide

Telangana MPs threaten to commit suicide

Congress MPs from Telangana threatened to commit suicide in Parliament premises if their demand for a separate state is not met.

Agitating members insisted that they will not allow the Lok Sabha to function till PM makes a statement on the issue similar to 2G statement.

For separate statehood to Telangana, many people are dying…. We will not give up this demand. Our people will continue to lay down their lives and we will commit suicide here in Parliament if the demand is not met,” Congress MP from Malkajgiri Sarve Satyanarayan told reporters.

“Everything has come to a standstill in Telangana region. If anything is going on, it is firing of rubber bullets, said Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj.

After 2G, there is TG (Telangana) to test the Congress.

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