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Telangana Congress MLAs to resign on July 4

Telangana Congress MLAs to resign on July 4

The issue of separate Telangana is getting into a political turmoil. Congress MLAs, MPs and MLCs from Telangana region have met in Hyderabad and decided to submit their resignations on July 4 to put pressure on the Union Government to expedite a favourable decision on the formation of separate Telangana.

There are 294 seats in the AP assembly out of which 119 are from Telangana region. 51 MLAs including ministers are from Congress and they will submit their resignations to the speaker on July 4. Also 11 MPs and 16 MLCs of the Congress from Telangana region will also submit their resignations.

The Telugu Desam Party which has 35 MLAs from Telangana also said that they would also submit their resignations once the Congress legislators do so. It is expected that the 11 TRs MLAs also follow suit.

However, Gulam Nabi Azad, AICC incharge of AP affairs, who was in Hyderabad to attend a Dalit Christian meeting, categorically stated that separate statehood to Telangana can be decided only after consulting people of Andhra and Rayalseema regions.

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