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TDP Stands by Telangana Letter: Murali Mohan

TDP Stands by Telangana Letter: Murali Mohan

Hyderabad, August 31 (INN): Telugu Desam Party senior leader and cine actor Murali Mohan on Saturday announced that the party would not withdraw the letter that it gave in favour of formation of Telangana.

Talking to reporters here, Murali Mohan said that there was no question of TDP changing its stand on the Telangana issue and it still stands by its letter given to the Centre. However, he said that the TDP strongly advocates that injustice should not be done with any region of Andhra Pradesh. He said that the TDP had no special love for Telangana region or hatred towards Seemandhra. Therefore, he said all regions should get equal justice after the bifurcation.

Murali Mohan also condemned the criticism on the TDP on the statehood issue. He said that the YSR Congress party and other groups were silent when the TDP gave its letter to the Centre. However, now they are targeting the TDP only for political gains, he alleged. He further announced that TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu would go ahead with the proposed ‘Telugu Jaathi Athma Gourava Yatra’ as planned earlier.

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