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Talasani change his stand


Talasani change his stand

Talasani Yadav turned to be a head ache for the TDP party President N.Chandrababu Naidu and to his party, with his controversial statements about the party policy over the Telangana issue. After having an hour long meeting with the party president on yesterday all of a sudden he changed his stand and announced that he will continue in the party forever.

He said, ‘Party is just like a mother to anyone. One cannot betray it for their personnel interests. I have only suggested that the party policy about Telangana issue will harm the party, and never said party will lose in the Greater Hyderabad elections, because of this reason. There are many untold statements appeared in the media, which created a rift between me and my party. It is quite unfortunate to watch such adverse reports about me in the media. I have been in the party for the last twenty years and will continue forever.’

Until yesterday, he keeps threatening the party and its high command that, if the party do not change its stand over the Telangana issue before the given time, he is ready to leave the party. He not only threatens Babu, but also met Chief Minister Dr.Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy twice, in preparations to join the congress party. However, he might have faced some cool treatment at Congress office, or he might be advised to continue in TDP as a covert of Congress. Then only he seems to meet party president Chandrababu.

When the TDP served him a notice asking to submit his explanation to the disciplinary committee, instead of attending at committee meeting he directly went to Babu’s house and had an hour long meeting with him, with which the curtains were said to be dropped over the issue, at least for time being.

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