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T-Stir: Rail Roko and Chalo Hydrabad

T-Stir: Rail Roko and Chalo Hydrabad

TRS and T-JAC has called for rail roko – Palle Palle Pattala Paiki – on March 1st aimed at bringing all trains running through Telangana region to a standstill. Then, Chalo Hyderabad – marching of 10 lakh people to Hyderabad to paralyse the twin cities – is to be organised on March 10.

TRS MLA E. Rajender said the rail roko and Chalo Hyderabad are being organised to bring pressure on the UPA government to table the separate Telangana state bill in Parliament.

The BJP and CPI will also participate in these agitations along with various other groups and JACs who are demanding Telangana statehood. Meanwhile, Telangana government employees, lawyers, doctors, teachers and others have decided to continue their non-cooperation movement.

T-JAC convener M. Kodandaram said that the proposed agitations will not interfere with the Intermediate and SSC examinations.

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