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T-state survey: 99.41 Lakh households, 3.69 Lakh staff, 10 districts, 12 hours

T-state survey: 99.41 Lakh households, 3.69 Lakh staff, 10 districts, 12 hours

T-state survey: 99.41 Lakh households, 3.69 Lakh staff, 10 districts, 12 hours
*Holiday declared
*All Services Shut Down
*Helpline number: 040 – 21111111.
*Petrol bunks will be closed between 6 am to 6 am
*No Need to submit any photocopy
*Can skip specific questions
*No questions regarding nativity, directly or indirectly

Today, there will be no public transport in the new state of Telangana. All government offices, educational institutions, many hotels, several companies, banks and other establishments will be closed. Life in Telangana will come to a idle on with the state government carrying out a enormous household survey across the state to ascertain inclusive information on the citizens. The government has stated it wants to trace the true beneficiaries of state welfare schemes in Telangana but hundreds of thousands of Seemandhra natives in Hyderabad are visibly shaken.

The survey, proposed by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s government, will be carried out on Tuesday in over 99.41 Lakh households by over 3.69 Lakh government employees in 10 districts in a time span on 12 hours at an expense of about 20 Crore, according to reports.

According to the government, the survey will access household details to identify the weaker sections, which are eligible for state welfare schemes, including subsidized ration, pension, Aarogyasri benefits and fee reimbursement.

The natives of the newly-formed Telangana, working or studying in other parts of the nation. The Indian Railway went on surprise as an unexpected flow of people towards Telangana from all the corners of India packed all the coaches in every possible route touching any station in the state.

Passengers, who failed to get confirmed tickets, reportedly travelled in packed groups in the general coaches of trains. While many, who failed to make it either by buses or trains, are said to have hired vans for the journey to Telangana and back, according to reports.

Buses run by RTC and private passenger vehicles were packed with people returning to their native villages, which they generally do for Dasara and Sankranti festivals or during elections. Some people are also using their own transport including two-wheelers to reach their villages in time for the survey.

People are understood to be rushing back immediately to Telangana, fearing losing their citizenship of the state on failing to attend the survey.

Refuting allegations that the survey is aimed at identifying Seemandhra natives, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday said that the exercise is intended to ensure that benefits of government schemes reached the targeted sections.

According to the “check slip” posted on the website of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), data is sought about the number of family members in a household, water tap connection, property tax assessment, LPG & electricity connections, bank account, Aadhaar card, caste certificate, birth certificate, disability, vehicles and land owned.

The enumerators have already made pre-survey visits to the households in the run up to the survey.

Meanwhile, The Hyderabad High Court on Monday (August 18) gave the green signal to the Telangana government for conducting the Intensive Household Survey (IHS) in the State on August 19.

Refusing to stay the survey, Justice Vilas V Afzulpurkar said, “The question of infringement of right to privacy of any citizen does not arise as the government has clarified that disclosure of information is only on voluntary basis.”

The verdict came on house motion petition filed in the High court. During the hearing, Telangana Advocate-General K Ramakrishna Reddy submitted that the purpose of IHS was to collect accurate data for better implementation of socio-economic programs of the government. “The newly-formed government has decided to conduct the survey in public interest,” he stressed.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today appealed to people of Telangana to make the Intensive Household Survey being conducted on August 19 a great success.

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