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T-JAC cancels Rail Roko and Vanta-Varpu

T-JAC cancels Rail Roko and Vanta-Varpu

The Telangana Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) has cancelled its proposed agitation of Rail Roko on July 8 & 9 and the Vanta-Varpu on July 10. A statement from its convenor Kondanda Ram said that the T-JAC has convened a meeting to plan the action plan after consulting all the MLAs and MPs who have resigned demanding a separate Telangana state.

T-JAC is trying to bring all political parties – Congress, Telugu Desam, BJP and CPI – under its umbrella to carry out a common agitation plan.

However, the Congress and TDP are planning their own agenda and appear to be not interested in joining hands with TRS dominated T-JAC.

Balladeer Gaddar is trying to meet the T-MLAs who have resigned to persuade them to join a common platform to achieve the Telangana state.

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