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T-Congress MPs, MLAs to resign for Telangana

T-Congress MPs, MLAs to resign for Telangana

The Congress MPs, MLAs and other leaders from Telangana region, who met in Hyderabad on Sunday to formulate their strategy on the separate Telangana issue and decided that they would not accept anything less than a separate state. The meeting demanded that the central government table a bill in parliament during the budget session to create a Telangana state.

They also stated that the all-party meeting called by home minister P Chidambaram on Jan 6 on the report of Srikrishna committee would serve no purpose.

The Congress MPs and MLAs from Telangana also decided to resign if the Srikrishna committee recommends against forming a separate Telangana state.

This demand by Telangana Congress leaders is similar to that of TRS and BJP.

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