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T-Congress leaders in Catch-22 situation

T-Congress leaders in Catch-22 situation

The Congress MPs, MLAs and MLC, including the state ministers from the Telangana region, who submitted their resignations en masse demanding separate statehood to Telangana, are now in a terrible fix about their immediate action plan.

On the one hand, Union Home Minister Chidambaram stated in the Lok Sabha that an all AP political parties should come out with their stand on the T-issue. On an earlier occasion, he also stated that the AP Assembly should once again pass a unanimous resolution for the formation of separate Telangana state so that the Union government can proceed further on the issue.

On the other hand, Congress President Sonia Gandhi is away in USA and underwent surgery for an undisclosed medical problem and she will take rest for at least two months; which means that the Congress party cannot take a decision on the T-issue.

Meanwhile, TRS and T-JAC have chalked out an agenda of agitations while the T-government employees are preparing for an indefinite strike. Will the T-Congress leaders join hands with pro-Telangana agitators? They were waiting for some assurance from the Center for withdrawing their resignations. They wanted to meet Sonia Gandhi and submit a memorandum. Now that she is not available, will they meet Rahul Gandhi? No one knows his mind about the T-issue.

The T-congress leaders are truly in a “ Mundu Goyyi; Venaka Nuyyi” situation.

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