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T Cong MLAs in Dilemma as Azad Invites

T Cong MLAs in Dilemma as Azad Invites

At the situation where Congress legislators from Telangana are worried over AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad turning to be another Justice BN Srirkishna holding consultations and delivering a useless verdict, Azad makes a sudden call to the leaders inviting them to talks on Saturday. The current invitation has drawn curiosity as it comes prior to Parliamentary sessions, that are scheduled from August 1. To this effect, the T Congress leaders are holding quick gatherings to decide fresh strategies on the invitation and on the issues to be raised in New Delhi.

After declaring that consultations were the only way to resolve the Telangana tangle, Azad initiated the process of wide-ranging talks with not only Telangana MLAs and MPs but also those from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.This, according to him, is intended to bring about a consensus among the leaders of the two regions so that the Congress could have one viewpoint. Butt the fear that the Telangana Congress MLAs are expressing is that it could be an exercise being done to appear as though the party has concern for people of both the regions but finally the gist of the consultation process might be so moulded that division of the state may not be in the interest of the people living in any of the three regions.

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