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Srikrishna report full of lies: High Court Judge

Srikrishna report full of lies: High Court Judge

Justice L Narasimha Reddy of the  Andhra PradeshHigh Court expressed outrage on the secret report of Justice Srikrishna Committee on Telangana statehood.

The judge said that the secret report should be made public so that people would know what such committees were doing. He lashed out the report saying that the report over projected certain non existing things.

It is unfortunate that a retired judge of Supreme Court was associated with this kind of report, the judge said.

The committee has spent Rs 40 crore of public money for preparing this mind-boggling report which has full of lies, he said.

The report prepared by the front office of an MP would have been more sensible than this report, he added.

Even a political party would have hesitated to prepare such a blatant report, he stated. In a democracy peoples’ sentiments should be taken into consideration. What has happened in Egypt? People who came on the streets for 18 days dethroned 30 year old dictator, he said.

He noted the unbiased judgments of justice Khanna during emergency in the country. The report will influence the decision of the Centre, the judge felt

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