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Sonia Announces One More Committee on Telangana

Sonia Announces One More Committee on Telangana

New Delhi, August 24 (INN): Speaking for the first time since the Congress Working Committee announced its decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi announced that one more committee would be constituted by UPA Government on the Telangana issue.

Replying to a question on the Telangana issue in a national media centre here, Sonia Gandhi said that the new committee would address the concerns of all stakeholders on the division of State to create Telangana. However, she did not specify the deadline by which the committee would be constituted.

Further, Sonia Gandhi’s statement made it clear that the high-powered AK Antony Committee was not representing the UPA Government and it was constituted to hold consultations only with the Congress leaders. The Antony Committee already held deliberations with the leaders of all three regions and would continue the process on August 26th and 27th.

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