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SMS tracking system to nab criminals

The Hyderabad city police has put to use an SMS tracking system to trace offenders using vehicles to commit crimes. Recently, this tracking system helped the Banjara Hills police apprehend an offender indulging in serial chain snatchings in S.R. Nagar and surround areas.
The tracking system, which has been made available to the entire city police, enables the police to send an SMS to a server, which will help them locate the owner of the vehicle immediately. The system is a joint project of the Central Crime Station, Police Computer Services and the National Informatics Centre. Senior police officials remained tight-lipped about the tracking system citing reasons that if the know-how of the system became known, offenders could use it to their advantage and slip away
Police officials advised that citizens, who fall prey to crimes such as snatchings where getaway vehicles are used, should note down the registration number of the vehicle and inform the police control room on telephone number 100. In cases of extreme emergencies only, another toll-free number 112 can be dialed by citizens not just to give out the registration number of the vehicle used for crimes but to report other crimes as well.

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