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Shobha Rani stabs Chiranjeevi

Shobha Rani stabs Chiranjeevi

Praja Rajyam Party leader Shobha Rani gave shock to the party president Chiranjeevi by writing an open letter. There is no recognition for women in the party, she alleged. Chiranjeevi totally failed in this issue she said.

There is no recognition of women who fought with their family members for the sake of party, wrote Shobha Rani.

Coterie of four members misleading the party president, she said. She did not name those four leaders. The party utterly failed as an opposition party and its main agenda of social justice is completely ignored by Chiranjeevi, she alleged. The party is not taking any activities to protect the interests of weaker sections, she said.

The party office situation is so pathetic that women are not in a position to visit, Shobha Rani expressed her anguish.

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