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Shinde’s Rules out Telangana!

Shinde's Rules out Telangana!

Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde stirred the hornest nest by saying ‘No’ to the formation of Telangana state. Speaking to media on Tuesday he said consultations were going on to arrive at a consensus on the burning issue.

He went on to add that reaching a consensus on such contentious issue was extremely difficult to arrive at. This could be the final stand of the Union Govt led by Congress Party as elections are just less than year away.

Shinde even made light of defections from his party to TRS saying after three members left, none of them left the party. Shinde’s comments might increase the anger of Telangana parties are they are planning for Chalo Assembly on 14th in Andhra Pradesh. It has to be seen what effect Shinde’s comments will have on the telangana representatives of the party who were hopeful of some positive decision.

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