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Separate Mosques for women

Citing Quran that Islam was not against women offering namaz in mosque, President of the AIMWPLB, Shaista Amber said that Hazrat Bibi Hafsa, one of the wives of Prophet Mohammad used to act as Imam leading women in offering namaz.
Amber also cited the example of a mosque in Rail Bazar area of Kanpur where namaz is being offered by men and women together five times a day. She said that in Tamil Nadu, another supporter of her Board, Sharifa Khanum has opened a mosque for women recently.
The All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) on Tuesday demanded the setting up of separate mosques for women saying that Ulemas and influential people in the community should contribute in whichever form they can to set up separate mosques for women so that they too can offer namaz in the mosques which is in keeping with the tenets of Islam.

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