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Rosaiah Insults Telugu Language

Rosaiah Insults Telugu Language

Tamil Nadu Governor,Rosaiah who even ruled Andhra Pradesh as Chief Minister recently insulted telugu language, which happen to be his mother tongue. Tamilians who are known to be great lovers of their mother tongue were seen laughing at his insult making fun of all telugu people residing in the state.

The incident happened when Rosaiah as a chief guest at Arya Vysya meet at Coimbattore, started speaking in english when entire gathering and organisers along with other guests addressed in telugu. Those who were present in the meet, felt Rosaiah deliberately insulted telugu.

Ironically Rosaiah in a function at Vizag, called for the need to strive for the development of Telugu. Many started criticizing him reminding that during Rosayya’s regime as CM, though many representations were made for need to constitute separate Ministry for language like other states, he did not respond favorably.

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