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Revoke T-decision: Vijayamma to PM

Revoke T-decision: Vijayamma to PM

Hyderabad, August 14 (INN): YSR Congress Party honorary president YS Vijayamma on Wednesday demanded that the Centre revokes its decision bifurcate Andhra Pradesh.

In the letter to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Vijayamma said that the ongoing developments in Andhra Pradesh were the results of the policies being followed by Congress Party. She said that the “unilateral” decision taken by the Congress Working Committee (CWC) with the consent of UPA allies has split the State into two. “It has also whipped up regional passions and created a wide wedge between people of the two regions,” she said.

“We express our deep concern over the decision that is bereft of considerations on vital issues like, Hyderabad, employment, jobs, industrial sector, IT, sharing of river waters and the like,” Vijayamma said. Anticipating the unilateral decision, she claimed that the YSRCP MLAs resigned on July 25 from the Assembly while the division decision was taken after the CWC meeting and UPA Coordination Committee meeting which were held on July 30.

“Doing justice to one region does not mean causing injustice to the other regions. This fundamental principle was ignored by Congress Party which has priorities in votes and seats. It is not fair on part of the Centre to keep with it the powers of restructuring any State unless it can take decisions that would be agreeable to concerned parties without injustice to any region,” Vijayamma told the PM.

Vijayamma said that three parties – YSRCP, MIM and CPI(M) were of the view that,” If you cannot do justice, do not bifurcate the State and maintain status quo.” She disputed the Congres party’s claimed that there was 100 per cent consensus among all political parties on the division issue when elected public representatives from Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra were resigning and the two regions are boiling with strikes and dharnas? She said only five political parties have agreed for the bifurcation. They are: TDP, TRS, Congress, CPI and BJP.

Vijayamma alleged that the Centre was trying to elicit the assent at gun point. “The authoritarian ruling party has scant respect to our feelings and cares little. It is going ahead as per its will and pleasure, irrespective of others’ opinion. Under such situation, boasting that there is 100 per cent consensus is nothing but misrepresentation.

“YSRCP president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and myself have quit from the Lok Sabha and Assembly respectively on 10th of August, as our party stands for regional development and brotherhood among the people. Our resignations, we hope, will force the Government to rethink on the issue and the decision will be revoked in larger interest ofthe people in the State,” she said.

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